Testing, Testing, and..More Testing

Our last genetics appointment was this past Wednesday. At this appointment we received several answers that only lead to more questions. The results from our most recent test came back. This test went inside every chromosome to look for abnormalities. What they found is that chromosome 10 is missing some genetic information, and chromosome 14 has extra genetic information. They have never seen a case with this combination of abnormalities, so they aren’t sure what that means for Carson. They are going to do more testing to check for a problem with glycosylation and to check for something called Cockayne syndrome. At this appointment Carson weighed in at 11 pounds 2 ounces and is still in the 0 percentile in height and weight and in the 1 percentile in head size.

4 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, and..More Testing

    • Remember God chose you to be the parents to this special child and that God will be with you through it all He has something special for you in the future only He knows what that is Praying for y’all Happy Easter

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