Today we met with the geneticist again and Carson had his four month check up. The results for his MRI that was done last week came back normal, so there is nothing wrong with his brain. They also did a test to check his chromosomes and that also came back normal ( he has the right number of chromosomes-46). This is the first good news we have had for a while, but those results do not help to give us an answer. The doctors agree that there is still a problem and now more tests are being done to try and find out what could be causing the problems Carson has. The next step is an EEG, an EKG, an ultrasound of his heart and kidneys, and more testing of his blood and urine. This time they are checking the actual pieces of genetic material inside his chromosomes. One of the biggest concerns we are trying to find a solution for is that Carson has stopped gaining weight. He is in the zero percentile in his weight and even though he is on a high calorie formula we are not seeing improvement. If nothing changes and he continues to stay underweight we will be looking at placing a feeding tube. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and pray that the doctors will be able to figure all of this out.