Rolling With the Punches

So today did not go how we thought it would. Carson had an appointment with a geneticist. We thought it would be a quick appointment, but five hours later we are just now getting home. The geneticist was very concerned about some small things that Carson does including his constant jittery movements. The main two concerns she has is that physically there is something wrong with his brain or that he has something called a lysosomal storage disorder. He is scheduled to have a MRI done on March 3rd, and blood work was taken today to dissect his DNA. There are no definite answers right now. We don’t even know if he has a brain issue or a lysosomal disorder. We won’t know anything for sure for 4-6 weeks. Keep our little family in your prayers as it feels like as soon as we start to be able to handle one problem we get hit with another. 

14 thoughts on “Rolling With the Punches

  1. God works in mysterious ways, ways we may never understand, but everything happens for a reason whether we understand it or not. You’re stronger then you think Kayla, and you’ve proven that to everyone. I’ve been praying & will continue to pray for you and your family.💙🙏

  2. I know that the toughest thing to do as a mom is wait. You and your family are in my prayers. Know that right now the love you have for Carson and the love you show him is what matters most. Take it one day at a time and trust that God will handle the rest. God Bless You!

  3. I admire you so much in how strong you have been through all of this. We search for all the answers being first time mommies and sometimes just looking to God is the best direction. You have been an inspiration to me and to others I’m sure! Stay strong, Carson has a great support system backing him no matter what!

  4. Remember Jesus has you safely in his arms no matter what you have a beautiful little boy and you will do whatever it takes to get through the good and the bad, and God gives doctors the knowledge to do amazing things but he also gives them obstacles they have never seen before as learning tools , God’s amazing Grace and miracles comes in those tiny packages. Love, hugs and Prayers for you all.

  5. God will always carry you when you think you can’t walk. Stay focus on The Lord and SOAK in every single moment you get with that sweet baby!! God will show you!!

    • Praying for your family tonight! Kayla and Christian you have already touched so many lives by sharing your sweet angel with us! Trust and believe in the healing power of Jesus he already has the answers! Praying for strength for you both and a miracle! We serve a Big God. Keep the faith!

  6. What a precious little baby. Aunt Melody and uncle Richard said to let you all know that we are paying for Carson. Aunt Melody can’t wait to meet her great-great nephew. We love you all very much.

  7. Sweet Kayla, you have asked us to pray. I haven’t stopped! Y’all are written on my prayer list with many others struggling right now. God is your strength and He says you and Christian can do all things with HIS strength alone. I love you and your precious family. Hang on to Gods promises and do not give up. Kiss that sweet baby for me. Xxoo

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